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KDL’s tidal current flow meter gives you the ability to monitor the speed and direction of tidal currents . Tidal flow speed information is extremely important to aid shipping movements such as berthing. The sensor and it’s information are an integral part of our DPM system, incorporating tide and weather information too making this the complete package. More details are given below but if you require any further information, please contact us

Below (left), is the tidal current flow sensor just before deployment. It is a robust, accurate sensor capable of reading flow speeds of up to +/- 10 metres per second. The sensor can operate in open water, flowing rivers as well as within ports and harbours. The data can be presented on any of our remote electronic displays as well as part of our graphic screen within our PC based software suite. We also have a range of custom touch screen graphic displays giving a full colour view of mapped, tidal flow speed and direction. For further details, please contact KDL Sales

Above (middle) is a typical beam spread. Although not to scale, it helps to explain how this system can be deployed. Above (right), is the custom design, touch screen display (at bottom of image). This gives a full colour graphic overlay showing flow speed and direction. Just above it (in the same image) you will see one of our remote electronic displays showing live tide and weather data. For further details, please contact KDL Sales