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Weather Stations

Welcome to our web site. Here you will find details of our product range including tide gauges, harbour swell and wave meters, weather stations, electronic displays, radio telemetry systems, data logging units and PC software. We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke, custom systems. If you would like more information on our existing products or perhaps require a dedicated system, please contact us

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We have a range of tide gauges and water level monitoring devices to suit various geographical demands. We can supply these with or without wave measurement depending on your requirements. We have recently launched a new family of low cost tide gauges. See the Tide Gauge section for more details

Weather stations are available to suit various applications. Starting with a basic system of wind measurement right up to a full system including wind, temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, rainfall, solar radiation and sunshine duration sensors, plus any other custom requirements, we can design, supply and install. See the Weather Station section for more details

We have several options when it comes to telemetry. With conventional wireless data communications, we have the VHF and UHF options. These normally operate within the licence-free bands and therefore incur no operational charges. A further option is the GSM communications system. We can supply transmitters, receivers and transceivers to overcome problems associated with long distance communications. See our Telemetry section for more details

Producing tide and weather data is great but what about after that? Remote electronic displays are ideal for showing data both indoors and outdoors. Take a look at our range of Displays.

Our marine safety systems are a very important part of our product range. Bringing today’s super ferries into port during atrocious weather and sea conditions is a highly skilled job and with the help of our sensors, telemetry and display systems, we can bring live tide and weather updates to the vessel’s bridge. For further details, see our Marine Safety section.

With years of experience behind us, who better to carry out your installation? From simple bolt on systems through to civil engineering work, let us take the strain. Take a look at just a few of our recent installations

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KDL are also pleased to announce the launch of our new product range, the “6” series. A low cost range of products giving more features without compromise on accuracy and reliability. For more information, please contact us.

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Karlan Monolog is our PC software suite. With a host of features and functions, it is an essential part of any system. See the PC Software section for more details. Our Live Web Data service is the ideal choice for retrieving port conditions while out of normal telemetry range. We also have an electronic Data Logger for those situations where a PC cannot be used.

We are very pleased to announce the availability of our new Online Data Service. Working with our Karlan Monolog software package or direct from our sensor systems, we are now offering your own dedicated webpage to display your live data. Every webpage is mobile friendly and easy to use. Your webpage can be customised to your own requirements or simply just carry your company logo. Please see our Live Web Data section for more information.