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Tide gauges and harbour wave/swell meters are our speciality. More details are given below but if you require any further information, please contact us

Our low cost water level systems contain an electronic control and display along with a KLS-6 sensor, power supply and documentation. The KCD-6 is designed to work with the KLS-6 tide sensor as a stand alone tide gauge system whereas the KCU-6 will operate with the KLS-6 and KMS-6 weather station giving you a total environmental monitoring system. Link this to our Live Web Data and you can access to your live data on your smart phone or PC wherever you are. This of course assumes you have the correct setup enabled.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest non-contact sensor, the KLS-6 (see images below). Following on from the KLS-5, the KLS-6 is available in two options, the KLS-6T and the KLS-6TW. For users that do not need the option of wave height, the KLS-6T is a perfect choice for measuring accurate tidal data. The KLS-6TW has the added feature of accurately measuring wave height (as well as tide height of course). Designed for use without a tube, installation is swift. The KLS-6 will start working as soon as it is connected to power. The KLS-6 sensors have been designed for use with our existing DPM range of control units (ensuring full, backward compatibility) as well as the new KCU-6 and KCD-6 Control Unit/Display.

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